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Targeted Banner Advertising Brings Quality Traffic To You for Less

Experienced internet marketers understand how difficult it can be to get the web site exposure needed to generate a true targeted visitor. With this in mind, we have put together cost-effective web banner advertising rates and packages that deliver true to your web site at the lowest possible price.

What is Banner Advertising?

Banner ads are graphical web advertising units. The typical size of a banner ad can vary depending on the location of the ad on our site.  Banners ad images are displayed across strategically placed locations that have been proven for effective marketing. We utilize our high traffic web site to provide you with the best marketing. We place your banner on category specific publisher web sites that attract visitors that are interested in what you are offering.

5 Benefits of Banner Ad Campaigns

1. Stretches your advertising budget. Typically, banner ads cost less to design and run than other forms of direct advertising, including radio, TV, newspaper ads, and direct mail. In addition, they often attract a more precise audience as compared to traditional marketing methods.

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Banner Ad Sizes

Top Header Banner – Jpg Image 575 X 125 (Pixels)

Large Footer Banner – .Jpg Image 280 x 233 (Pixels)

Small Footer Banner – .Jpg Image 250 x 100 (Pixels)

Banner Ad Prices

Top Header Banner – $299 per month

Large Footer Banner – $199 per month

Small Footer Banner – $99 per month

Banner Creation

Need assistance with Banner Ad Creation? Let one of our trained graphic Design specialist create one for you.

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